I will initially spend at least an hour asking questions to get a clear understanding of your health history, goals and priorities.  Understanding the sequence of events which lead to health issues can provide insights into how best to support the body towards restoring health. Where appropriate, laboratory tests may be helpful to determine whether any imbalances exist, determine gut health or even identify intolerances and help me provide optimal nutrition advice. Following this my recommendations will include meal ideas, recipes, shopping lists, targeted nutritional supplements if necessary and lifestyle changes.

All programmes are individually tailored and include;

1:2:1 private consultations
Food Diary Analysis
Support & Motivation over email and telephone

Nutritional therapy isn’t a magic, one-pill-fits-all-solution. It can take time for the body to respond and come back into balance, although you can expect to see some immediate improvements. Remember this is about addressing the underlying causes of health problems, instead of simply focusing on suppressing symptoms. I recommend a minimum of two nutritional therapy sessions and find that most clients require three or four.